St. Stephen Lutheran Church


About Us

St. Stephen traces its history to the day of Pentecost. This is when, filled with the Holy Spirit, believers emerged from hiding and began to proclaim the crucified and risen Christ.  Our namesake, St. Stephen, was an early servant among them.  Following in these early believers' footsteps, in early 1958 several families in Stow began to feel a need for a new congregation in Stow, Ohio.  A letter was written and in 1959 St. Stephen began as a mission development of the Lutheran church.

In January of 1960, land was purchased at Kent Road and Charring Cross Drive, and the congregation - a few expansions later - gathers here to this day.  Not wanting to be confined simply to the building, St. Stephen's intrepid spirit and courage continues to drive us.  We are still, at heart, a mission congregation.