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Ash Wednesday

What is this? How shall we not only observe, but also practice this Holy Day?

  1. Unlike past years, St. Stephen will host two worship services – at 12 Noon and 7:00pm.
    a.  All masking, distancing, and staying home, if you have been exposed or are ill, are in effect.
    b. The limit for in-person worship remains 50 people. Please use SignUpGenius, if you would like to attend.
  2. Worship will also be offered digitally via YouTube and Facebook.
    a.  The 7:00pm service may also be a Worship on Wheels service; however, it will be broadcast from the sanctuary – not the front porch.
    b.  Remember: you should not do anything you are not comfortable with – don’t feel guilty!
  3. For the Imposition of Ashes, you have options:
    a. You may come up for the ‘usual’ imposition of ashes. You must be masked to do so!  You may receive ashes on your forehead or your hand.  Instead of the normal pronouncement I make with each cross, these crosses will be marked in silence and the proclamation will be made for everyone after everyone has returned to their seats.

    b. You may attend worship and not come forward. However, since Ash Wednesday is designed to be Incarnational (because it is meant to involve our bodies), I recommend that if you follow this option,   you could also consider option ‘c’.

    c.  As part of your at-home observance, I will invite you to set a bowl ‘in plain site’ in your home. This is meant to become a reminder to pray throughout the season and will tie into videos, devotionals, and sermons throughout the season.
    For Ash Wednesday, you may take dirt from your own yard, use this bowl, and make a sign of the cross to follow along with the service. Or, alternatively, you may also use this method in your seat during in-person worship, if you prefer not to come forward.