Family Promise

Family Promise is a program that provides not only overnight housing to homeless families with children, but also provides support for them to get back into a home again.  This program strives to keep families TOGETHER. Family Promise also provides services for their pets until the family is settled in a new residence. Overnight housing is provided on a rotated schedule by host and support congregations throughout Summit County helping approximately 28-35 families per year. They usually serve four (4) families at a time, who are brought to a host church on Sunday. Each family is supplied with sleeping essentials for the week: beds, sheets, towels, pillows.  Beds are set up in rooms for each family, as well as beds for the two hosts from the church who spend the night.The dinner meal is provided by the host, Sunday through Saturday.  Breakfast (grab ‘n go items, cereal, toast, etc.) and a packed lunch are prepared by the family each day. A 15-person van is provided by Family Promise for a volunteer driver to take the children to school and the adults to the Family Promise Center to meet with their case worker, look for work and learn new ways of problem-solving during the day. They then return for dinner and overnight stay. As a host participant, St. Stephen is on a 13-week rotation (quarterly.) If you have any questions regarding the Family Promise program, please contact Jane Koch.  For additional information please go to: